Did You Hear What I Said?

Master the Underemphasized Side of Communication


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Did You Hear What I Said?: Mastering the Underemphasized Side of Communication

by Olin R. Jennings and Laura N. Jennings  

This book is a short, practical guide with five objectives: 

(1) give a more structured way to think about listening; 

(2) help readers understand how they listen;  (3) help readers understand how others listen; 

(4) test readers' listening skills; and 

(5) help readers improve their listening skills by using 10 listening tools.   

This book is a guide to good listening practices with 10 powerful listening tools. The book summarizes what we have learned over many years in our research and in our training programs about how to become a 100% listener. It is written with many anecdotes to make the reading light and fun and to make important points. It also includes a few exercises to test listening skills, build listening skills, and create a personal plan for improving listening over time. It includes many tips on how to apply the 10 listening tools and overcome personal listening problems. 

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Future Directions

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