Management Consulting for the 21st Century

A Deep Bench of Leadership Experience

Founded in 1986, The Jennings Group specializes in working with engineering firms, environmental services companies, contracting firms, and other technically-focused organizations to provide solutions to complex business management and training issues. 


Leadership Courses

In our flagship course, The Jennings Group provides leadership skills development training for engineering managers and executives. Our objective is to build leadership skills and emotional intelligence as a practical skill set to transform high potential managers into exceptional high impact leaders, and to equip them to create a leadership culture. Our program develops both personal and organizational leadership skills. 

Over the past 15 years, The Jennings Group has completed over 80 extended leadership skills training programs for over 1,600 engineering managers and executives. We have achieved a record of consistent personal growth metrics. 

In eight full-day sessions spaced over the course of several months, we focus on developing knowledge of self and others, communication of vision that motivates buy-in, and leading with integrity. We conduct the program over several months to give participants time to practice what they have learned, get reinforcement in the next session, and get comfortable with their changed behavior over time. 

This training has been conducted for both private clients and through associations. It has been accepted as an industry standard by the ACEC of MA, ACEC of NY, ACEC of VA, American Society of Civil Engineers, and others. 


Serving Your Company's Needs

The Jennings Group develops and facilitates: 

  • Strategic Planning Programs
  • Succession Planning Programs
  • Team-Building Programs
  • Improving Communication with Individuals and Groups 
  • Intergenerational Communication Skills Training
  • Leadership Skills for Women in STEM
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Individual Coaching Sessions: for executives who are demotivated, burned-out, or have lost effectiveness

Programs are individually tailored to best meet the client's needs. 

How can we help? 

Please contact us for more information on what The Jennings Group can do for your firm.